I am an Internist Physician. The Internal Medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the complex patient, considering and taking care of all his pathological aspects.

My daily practice is held at the Department of Internal Medicine. I personally take care of 20 hospitalized patients.
As head of the Hypertension Unit I have organized a Centre for diagnosis and the follow-up of Hypertension (accredited by the Italian of Hypertension) at the Guglielmo da Saliceto Hospital of Piacenza (Cloisters of Santa Vittoria,).
The physician of the center (Dr. Antonino Cassi, with Dr. Dorjan Zabzuni and myself) follow OUTPATIENTS affected with hypertension and its cardiovascular complication scheduling office visits and controls. For cases of greater diagnostic and/or therapeutic complexity the Center provides assistance in DAY SERVICE / DAY HOSPITAL (with the collaboration of the graduated nurses Emanuela Passera, Guglielmina Peracchi and Giovanna Santi). The clinic is open from Monday to Friday).